Increase Metabolism & Turn ON "Fat-Burning" Hormones*

Why 93% Of Diet & Exercise Programs FAIL & How To "FIX" This Problem*

Lean Optimizer™

Increase Metabolism, Reduce Appetite & Burn Fat*

A 22+ year, doctor-formulated vegan pill that I formulated for myself, to promote optimal & youthful fat-burning hormones, like when you were younger & leaner.* Contains scientifically validated, patented & herbal extracts supporting:

  • Fat Loss (especially “stubborn” areas, like belly)*
  • Enhanced Metabolism (burn more calories)*
  • Decrease Appetite & Cravings (eating less food)*
  • Youthful Fat-Burning Hormonal Balance*

Guaranteed Results or
Refund + $100.00

We've been in business since 1996 and online since 1999. We KNOW our formulas work and prove it with scientific studies.

That's why we give you an 1 YEAR to try our products risk-free.

However, because Lean Optimizer™ is so effective and works quickly, we guarantee healthier fat-burning hormones in 30 days, or receive a full refund + an additional $100.00 cash back!*†

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570+ Reviews

no appetite

this is great. I take 1 pill when I wake up and 1 more around noon. I can literally go the entire day without eating and I'm not tired either. =)

belly fat lost

ever since menopause, all the fat seems to go to my stomach. Ever since taking Lean Optimizer, my belly fat is less. I've lost 2 inches so far. My goal is 3 more for a total of 5 inches.

so far, so good

It's been 2 months and I've lost 6 lbs. It may not sound like much, but it's good for me.

higher metabolism

i have more energy, higher metabolism and not feel jittery at all. I'm satisfied with Lean Opitimizer

perfect hormonal balance

I'm a registered nurse and dietician. Diet & exercise must be the top goals. However, I will admit that genetics, hormones and aging are also key factors and I think using Lean Optimizer periodically to help break a plateau or kick-start a fat loss program can be useful.

only fat burner I use

I used to be track and field athlete in college and then a figure fitness model. This is honestly the best fat burner I've used because it kills my appetite, increases my metabolism and I feel good, happy and energized on it.

Proven Ingredients & Formula

Lean Optimizer’s 22+ years of success in popularity and effectiveness is because this doctor formulation consists of:

  • 6 patented ingredients
  • 12 herbal extracts (earth-grown, Non-GMO)
  • 3 essential vitamins & minerals
  • 1 amino acids (pharmaceutical grade)

This “6-in-1” natural remedy produces fast results & long-term benefits, in a convenient veggie pill, at the very best value because:

WHY I Created It

TRUE STORY: When I was young, I was "chubby". I didn't get picked to play sports, I got made fun of, I felt insecure, etc.

In fact, that's when I started my first "diet" in the 6th grade, when I was 11 years old. And the diet was very simple, I just ate less food...

fat to lean
I've Been On Some Kind Of "Diet" For Almost 40 Years!

Of course, when you're young and your hormones are great - anything works!

But as we get older, things just get much harder.

Needless to say, I've been on some kind of a specific "diet" since age 11 and have failed many times.

Because of this, I KNOW what works and what doesn't and this is why I created Lean Optimizer™ for myself over 22+ years ago!

The Big Weight Loss Scam
Why 93% Of Diets FAIL!

In the past 30+ years, I've consulted thousands of people on how to lose fat and more importantly, KEEP IT OFF!

I've personally tried every diet you can think of.

And the truth is that almost ALL diets work ... TEMPORARILY!

fat loss cycle = hormonal imbalance

Long-Term FAT Loss

The PROBLEM is that most people are trying to "lose weight" and that's the goal of most diets. When it should be FAT loss!...

Unfortunately, most of the weight that's lost is temporary water weight and valuable MUSCLE mass (both of which you do NOT want to lose!).

"Adaptation" - The Main Problem...

Unfortunately, your body doesn't like change & likes consistency ("homeostasis").

In order to "survive", your body adapts in a few weeks to any "weight loss" diet by creating negative changes in your hormones. The end result is...

  • fat loss slows down & stops
  • appetite increases (you eat more)
  • metabolism decreases (you burn less)
  • energy levels drop (you move less)

Your body thinks it's "starving" and it's in "survival" mode ...

Eventually you gain the weight back and this time, it's mostly fat.

My Solution

You never want to "fight" the body, it'll always win!

However, you do want to work WITH your body and that's why I formulated Lean Optimizer™...

To help turn on "fat-burning genes", similar to a skinny/lean person by optimizing key hormones, which can help promote:*

  • Easier fat Loss (especially "stubborn" areas, like belly)*
  • Enhanced Metabolism (burn more calories)*
  • Decrease Appetite & Cravings (eating less food)*

The REAL Cause Of Fat Gain

Of course, genetics is always an underlying cause with anything in your body...*

Genetics & Negative Changes In HORMONES
Is A Major Cause Of Fat Gain*

And yes, lifestyle (diet, exercise, stress management, etc.) is also a major contributing factor...

ONLY because they all affect a primary cause of gaining fat, which is the negative changes in your hormones, due to aging!*

I know this because my area of expertise as a doctor is Anti-Aging medicine & Endocrinology, which is the study of hormones.

It ALL Makes Sense Because...

This is why when you were younger (despite your genetics), you could eat almost anything, not exercise and still NOT get fat.

And, this is why some people with "skinny genetics" never seem to gain weight, even later on in life.

It's because of... Genetics and hormones!

weight loss = genetics and hormones

So, in order to reduce your body from adapting and CONTINUE burning fat longer, Lean Optimizer™ helps OPTIMIZE your "fat-burning GENES", while promoting youthful, "fat-burning HORMONES".*

The end result is continued fat loss, with less effort and more safety.*

So if you've tried various solutions, diets, exercises, medications, etc... and haven't gotten positive results, or been able to KEEP the weight off, now you know why.

Scientific Results

Some of the scientific results from the ingredients found in Lean Optimizer™:

stats stats stats

The "Healthy Aging" Solution

And this is where Lean Optimizer's 22+ years, scientifically researched formula can help promote youthful & healthy fat-burning hormones.*

Helping you to look and feel younger, while allowing you to live a healthier and longer life!*

Lean Optimizer

Your Fat-Burning Hormones

Genetics aside, it comes down to optimizing your fat-burning hormones for faster, easier and safer, long-term fat loss.

This is especially important after the age of 30!

Lean Optimizer focuses on the 6 primary fat burning hormonal pathways:*

Hormones Produced Functions Goal
Cortisol Adrenals Increases sugar, cravings & belly fat.* Decrease
Ghrelin Stomach Cells Stimulates hunger & fat storage.* Decrease
Insulin Pancreas Lowers sugar & stimulates fat storage.* Decrease
Adiponectin Fat Cells Lowers blood sugar & burns fat.* Increase
Leptin Fat Cells Decreases hunger, appetite & burns fat.* Increase
Thyroid Thyroid Gland Increases metabolism & burns fat.* Increase

Lean Optimizer™ gives your body the specific nutrients it needs, to help promote optimal & healthy fat burning and increased metabolism*...

Similar to when you were younger.*

"Gaining Weight" May
NOT Be Your Fault...

Unfortunately, there are many factors that can cause weight & fat gain:

  • as we get older (due to negative changes in hormones)*
  • during times of extra stress (physical and/or emotional)*
  • due to genetics (always a major factor)*
  • incorrect diet (wrong foods and/or macro-nutrients)*
  • improper exercise plan (too much or little or wrong kind)*

However, It Is YOUR Responsibility...

Having difficulty losing fat and more importantly, KEEPING IT OFF may NOT be your fault, as we've seen above...

However, you need to take action NOW, by improving your lifestyle and utilizing a 22+ year proven solution like Lean Optimizer™...

So you can naturally & quickly have long-term and healthy weight management, while having a longer & healthy future!*

How Is It Better?

Of course, there are lots of products & competition these days. People naturally want to know why our proven solution works better than the rest?...

Lean Optimizer™ is the only doctor formulated (by an endocrinology, hormone doctor) vegan pill that has:

  • 22+ year proven success record.*
  • 570+ reviews (blood tests for proof)**
  • Validated & scientifically researched*
  • "6 Products In 1" (saves time & money)
  • USA Made in an FDA approved facility.*
  • Gluten Free, Vegetarian & Non-GMO*
  • One YEAR, 200% Satisfaction, $100.00 Guarantee.ˆ