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Benefits → HOW CHEATmeals™ Works
  • Blocks fats, carbohydrates & sugars from being absorbed.*
  • Enhances digestion - reduces gas, bloat & acid reflux.*
  • Improves "regularity" and colon health.*
  • Supports healthy cholesterol levels & improves blood sugar.*
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Blocks Carbohydrates & Sugars                
Blocks Unhealthy Fats                
Contains Digestive Enzymes                
Uses pure ORGANIC extracts                
Patent Pending & Clinically Proven                
Doctor Endorsed & Created                
Contains NO Stimulants                
Helps Normalize Blood Sugar                
Helps Lower Cholesterol                
Vegetarian Formula                
One Year Guarantee                

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Supplement Facts: 80 capsules; 30-day supply.
Instructions: Take 2 pills, 2x daily with water.
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Made in USA Gluten free Vegetarian Non GMO Additive and filler free